Facebook Marketing

Many people ask us why we like Facebook paid ads so much and why we do a lot of Facebook paid ad management for clients. The Facebook paid ad platform allows you to target better than anything we have ever seen. For example, you can target ads to people who are fans of a certain page. So if you want to target to people who like a certain page or have a certain hobby, you can do that.

facebook5Facebook also has the same zip code functionality as Google PPC, but it goes quite a bit further than geography and demographics. Targeting your audience based on other Facebook pages is what makes it so great. If I just want to target business owners in a certain zip code, I can do that. If I want to get more city wide specific, I could target my ads to only show to salon owners in the greater Cincinnati region.

There are so many options that it really doesn’t matter how high each click costs, but rarely do we pay a $1 for a click when highly targeting our Facebook ads. Another great idea with Facebook is to advertise to anyone who has ever bought from you before, by inputting their email addresses. If you collect emails from either an email newsletter, or from sales, you can target those people with a specific ad to current customers.

There is so much to do with Facebook paid ads, I would encourage you to check it out, and contact us for more information if you would like us to manage a Facebook campaign for you.

Facebook Application Development

We are still developing Facebook applications but on a limited basis. Contact our office for more information if you are looking for a custom Facebook application.

Facebook Company Profile Page

Our graphic designer can give your Facebook company profile page a nice enhancement. This is the first thing a lot of people see on Facebook so it is important to have a really good timeline cover and graphics.

Website-Facebook Integration

Integrating your Facebook wall posts onto your website is simple, we encourage you to implement that on your website if your Facebook page is active. With an inactive Facebook page, it isn’t really necessary to do. One thing you also can do if you like blogging is to syndicate your website’s blog posts to Facebook and Twitter. Contact us for more details.


twitter-117595_1280We find Twitter to be a really good source of sending out information to your followers who are more social media people than email people. While we prefer email newsletters, Twitter does a really good job of communicating messages out to people who are on Twitter all day. We don’t offer any Twitter services but thought we would mention it because you could use it if you have the type of business where people would like to hear announcements, such as a restaurant that has live bands.