Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile websites are a must for companies that are serious about creating and maintaining a web presence. Since more people than ever use their phones to view websites in order to gain information, a company that does not have a mobile friendly website will lose out on business.

mobile device - mobile friendlyWhen a smartphone user opens a website, just to find that it looks like a much smaller version of a desktop website, they find it much more difficult to read. Consequently, many mobile users will move on to another website — a mobile friendly competitor’s website.

The best approach to making a website mobile friendly is to utilize a responsive website — a website, when viewed, responds to the device on which it is being used. For example, if a website is created with WordPress with a responsive theme, the website knows what device the user is utilizing to view the site. It responds accordingly, presenting the website in a way that it can be best viewed on that particular device — whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

In this on-demand world, mobile users want information quickly — “at their fingertips” — as he or she is looking up directions to a nearby restaurant or retailer, or wanting quick information to place an order. Some consumers even admit to making impulse buys when ordering a product or service because, as consumers claim, the process is easy.

Therefore, information presented in a quick, readable fashion achieves better results for companies when they have mobile friendly websites to promote their brands. This results in more transactions and followers simply because responsive websites make it possible for viewers to receive a simple response or a quick, frustration-free purchase.

Mobile friendly Google search indication
An example of a mobile friendly indication in a Google search on a smartphone

Have you noticed that when you perform a Google search on a smartphone that Google, when listing the results, gives an indication that the site is mobile friendly? Right before the description of the website, it either says “mobile-friendly” or it does not. Therefore, mobile users can decide whether or not they want to proceed based on the responsiveness of the website. Google has made it clear that mobile-friendly websites will rank better than those that are not. As mobile phones become more popular, non-mobilized websites will become less popular — both to the search engines and the end users. Consider these these statistics:

  • In 2015, mobile Google searches passed desktop searches. Therefore, more people will search for company websites on a mobile device then they will on a desktop device.
  • According to a Media Post Survey survey, 48 percent of mobile shopper survey responders said that the website’s ease of use is the most important quality.
  • Sixty percent of internet access is mostly mobile, according to InMobi. They also assert that 61 percent of mobile internet users are on their mobile devices while watching television.

Get Your Competitive Edge

Small businesses that have responsive, mobile-friendly websites will gain a distinct advantage — a competitive edge — over their competition. Why? Because over 90 percent of all small businesses do not have mobile-friendly websites. Call Redwine Marketing today and inquire about how you can gain this competitive edge, resulting in more business. Alternatively, you can inquire here.

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