Google Adwords Management

Google still receives the most search traffic so by sheer numbers, you will get some traffic to your website when running a Google adwords campaign. You really must know which zip codes you want to target though if you are very local. If your business is more regional you can do by areas, such as Cincinnati or Columbus. Adwords is one of those areas you can spend a lot or a little depending on how well you craft your landing page.

If your landing page isn’t optimized for the search term the user searches, they will likely click away, which raises your bounce rate and means your clicks will be more expensive. It is very important to never send people to your home page unless that is exactly where you want them.

For example, if I was advertising for my Amazon marketing service, I would have people click right to that page, not my home page. So when setting up my campaign, I would use the link to the Amazon marketing service. It is also important to be able to track results.

We have a special way of tracking results by setting up landing pages or cloning websites, and then putting call tracking numbers on them. For more details about managing your adwords campaign contact us.

Why Run a PPC Campaign?

  • Get Instant search traffic to your website.
  • Know your costs since you can set a budget.
  • You can give the search users a specific message by sending them to whichever page you want to.
  • Gets expensive over time but if you acquire customers and get their referrals, your ROI skyrockets.