Amazon Marketing

Amazon has a paid ads program to promote your products on We have found this to be an incredible source of not only making money, but also in getting reviews from customers on Amazon. While you won’t make a crazy amount after paying for the clicks as well as all of Amazon’s FBA fulfillment costs, you will still come out ahead, which is why we always keep them running and checking each month for profitability.

As an example, we have a $19.99 product on Amazon, which we have about $7 in manufacturing and shipping costs to the United States. We purchase 500 units at a time, so we cannot lower costs much more than that. After we pay Amazon’s commissions and fees, we make about $13 per unit. There is a profit per unit of $6 and an advertising cost around $1.50 per unit sold.

We cannot stress this enough: take the time to test it out with a small budget and see for your self. If you are not selling physical products on Amazon but would like to start, contact us and we will help you get started.